Thomas Adès named one of the top ‘Makers of the 21st Century’

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It seems that there can be no end to the enormous praise that Thomas Adès’s music receives from audiences. And now, he has been selected as one of the top 100 ‘Makers of the 21st Century’ in The Sunday Times. The composer was chosen amongst notable others, including a member of the Royal Family, architects, designers, poets, entrepreneurs, singer-songwriters, classical musicians and more:


‘Lauded for attracting big audiences to contemporary classical music, Adès’s operatic adaptation of The Tempest has astounded audiences. He is also a brilliant pianist and conductor, and could turn out to Britain’s new Britten’


And, it is not hard to see why the composer’s work continues to entice new audiences to the concert hall: from the seductive, jazz-like score of his chamber opera Powder Her Face, to the mesmerising, spiralling figures of his Violin Concerto, to the powerful, magical opera The Tempest and the influence of nightclub culture in the central movement of Asyla. His music is constantly evolving, and continues to beckon great intrigue and excitement, as audiences wait to see what he does next.


Selection of upcoming performances:

‘Concert Paraphrase on Powder Her Face’, Birmingham: 

‘Powder Her Face’, London:

‘Asyla’, Liverpool:

‘Violin Concerto’, RSNO: