Copyright & Licensing Services

Faber Music operates a range of licensing services for its composers, authors and other clients.

The Print Licensing Department ( licenses our works for printing as sheet music, for publication in books and music folios, for sale as digital notation files and for display on websites etc. It handles not just new arrangements for Faber Music's own works but also the many thousands of musical works controlled by Warner Chappell and our other publisher clients.

The Copyright Department ( licenses music for use in film, television and other audio-visual productions. It also licenses public performances and broadcasts of our operas, musicals and other musico-dramatic works, and can issue licenses for the use of our music with choreography.

Please use our bespoke On-line Licensing System to apply for a licence in any of these areas. The system also provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions and deals with licensing issues not mentioned above.

Faber Music Media offers a range of music licensing services to production companies. For further information about these services please contact