Inclusion and diversity at Faber Music

Since its inception in 1965 as a classical publisher of uncompromising quality, Faber Music has established an enviable reputation as a champion of compositional endeavour within contemporary classical, film and TV, and printed music. Placing a particularly high value on originality, the company has, both proudly and often, been able to celebrate ground-breaking musical innovation from its composers. As part of the company’s continued drive for excellence we are pleased to announce a new action plan that will help us foster a more inclusive and diverse culture where the best talent can flourish, both within our staff and in due course through our publishing programme.

Recruitment and company culture

Over half of our executive board are women and the female/male balance within our senior management is currently 50/50. We are 100% committed to addressing the inbalance amongst other under-represented parts of the creative community. We are an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications regardless of race, gender, disability, age, religion and sexual orientation. We aim to broaden the recruitment talent pool and, in turn, our staff culture and outlook on the creative sectors we serve.

Education support

Recognising the centrality of music education to our business, both as a specialised educational publisher and as a publisher of compositional talent trained through tertiary level and beyond, we will open a new dialogue with the educational sector, at both pre- and post-18 level. We will offer business experience and financial support by allocating some expenditure budget each year to encourage increased inclusion and diversity within this sector. We hope that this will contribute to positive change in the cultural breadth and creativity of future leading composers and industry professionals.

Working with inclusivity partners

We have undertaken an initial piece of work with Creative Access, a not-for-profit social enterprise which helps young people from minority ethnic backgrounds to secure training and employment opportunities within the creative sector. We will maintain connections with Creative Access and other complementary organisations within our sector as we implement our action plan and define a new inclusion policy for the company. 

The future and our publishing list

We view a more inclusive approach as integral to our continued strategy of seeking to publish and represent music of the highest possible quality within the genres where we are active. By its nature, original composition continuously breaks new ground in terms of perceived conventions, boundaries and possibilities. Since the company’s 40th birthday in 2005, our publicly stated publishing ethos has been ‘to identify and support outstanding composing ability wherever it is to be found’. We intend to live this ethos in the fullest possible way.
December 2019
Richard King
CEO, Faber Music