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Published by Warner/Chappell. Administered for hire and stage rights worldwide (excluding North America) by Faber Music Ltd
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The Story
(the late 1920s)
It looks as if ‘The Dinky Doos’, a touring concert party, have given their last performance.  They are
stranded in Rawsley because their manager has absconded with both the takings and the lady pianist Mr Jess Oakroyd from Bruddersford endears himself with his snippets of homespun advice and is appointed odd-job man.  However, Miss Elizabeth Trant, who wishes to escape from an uneventful rustic life in the Cotswolds, is the real salvation of the concert party.  She has come into some money and solves the immediate difficulties of the troupe, now called ‘The Good Companions’.  An ex-school master from East Anglia, Mr Inigo Jollifant, becomes the new pianist and songwriter.  Other important members are Susie Dean, the comedienne and ‘baby’ of the show, Morton Mitcham, a hitherto itinerant banjo-player, Jerry Jerningham, Jimmy Nunn, Mr and Mrs Joe Brundit and Elsie Longstaff.  On tour, ‘The Good Companions’ meet setbacks by the seaside.  Inigo, who loves Susie, secretly goes to London where he signs a songwriting contract and persuades an impresario to see ‘The Good Companions’.  Despite ‘toughs’ in the audience spoiling the end of the show, the impresario knows talent when he sees it and books Susie and Jerry for his new revue.  The remaining ‘Good Companions’ secure Number One dates, Miss Trant marries her solicitor, Inigo goes on to make his fortune with music and Mr Jess Oakroyd sets off to visit his beloved daughter in Canada.  
Principal Characters (plus Chorus) 
Jess Oakroyd   Morton Mitcham
Miss Trant   Jerry Jerningham
Inigo Jollifant   Susie Dean
Principal Musical Numbers
The Pleasure of Your Company (Mitcham, Inigo)
Stage Struck (Susie)
The Dance of Life (Miss Trant)
Good Companions (Inigo, Mitcham, Company)
Slippin’ Around The Corner (Jerry)
Darkest Before The Dawn (Miss Trant)
Ta, Luv  (Jess)