Frightened Rabbit and the family of the late Scott Hutchison have put out a call to fans for his illustrations to be included in a new book published by Faber Music. A percentage of proceeds from the project will go to Tiny Changes, the mental health charity helping young minds feel better, which was set up in Scott’s memory.

Read the full message from the band and family here:

“As we were putting together The Work, a collection of Scott’s lyrics alongside snippets of his scribblings, it became clear that there was enough great work for a companion piece that could sit alongside it, celebrating the visual elements of Scott’s art.   As well as being one of the best songwriters and lyricists we know, Scott was an incredible illustrator and visual communicator and so much of that side of his work remains unseen but deserves to be shared just as much as his work as Frightened Rabbit.

So we decided to create a collection of Scott’s artwork spanning his whole life from his early years in school to his designs for the band.   So much of the art he made during his time in the band lives in the hands and hearts of other people so we would like to put out this call to anyone who may have a drawing, a painting or any form of illustration of Scott’s, to send us a photo so we can make this collection as broad and as expansive as we can.

We don’t need anything too high definition right now, at this stage we are just looking to find out what is out there and from that point we will put together a collection of our favourite pieces for the book.

Please email your photos to along with your name and any details of when and where the illustration is from, by 4th July 2022. 

Marion, Ron, Neil and Grant & the rest of FR”

Further details of the release of Living In Colour, a book of Scott Hutchison’s illustrations will be announced in due course.


About Frightened Rabbit

Formed in Selkirk, Scotland in 2003, Frightened Rabbit were named after Scott’s nickname attributed by his mother due to him being a nervous child. Originally starting as a solo project, the band expanded to include Scott’s brother Grant, alongside members Billy Kennedy, Andy Monaghan and Simon Liddell. Though originally self-released, their debut album Sing The Greys earned the band a deal with indie label Fat Cat Records, who re-released the album and the two that followed: 2008’s Midnight Organ Fight and 2010’s The Winter of Mixed Drinks. 2013’s Pedestrian Verse, marked their Canvasback / Atlantic Records debut, and was followed by 2016’s Painting Of A Panic Attack. Scott Hutchison took his own life in May 2018. Through his music and art Scott made tiny changes that had a big impact; his honesty and openness about his own mental health inspired people from all walks of life.

Scott was the subject of a recent release “Hutch” by Aaaron Dessner (The National) and Justin Vernon’s (Bon Iver) project Big Red Machine and was also recently honoured by Coldplay as the subject of their track “Champion of the World” which sampled a song “Los Angeles Be Kind” by Scott’s project Owl John.

In Scott’s memory, his bandmates & family set up the charity Tiny Changes to find and fund inventive ways to improve mental health support for young people in his native Scotland. Find out more here -