Following the popular success of Grades 1 and 2 published in 2015, Faber Music is delighted to release Improve your sight-reading! A piece a week Piano Grade 3, available to buy now. 

Devised by leading educationalist Paul HarrisA Piece a week Piano Grade 3 has been designed as an ideal supplement to the Improve your sight-reading! graded piano books. Together, these resources aim to support and improve the reading skills so fundamental to successful sight-reading. 


How does the book work?
The fun, short pieces are specifically written to be learnt one per week. By continually reading accessible new repertoire, the crucial processing of information and hand-eye coordination are established and improved, developing confident sight-reading. The ability to sight-read fluently is a vital skill, enabling students to learn new pieces more quickly and play with other musicians. 




A word from the author
"I wrote these books as I'm aware students often struggle with sight-reading because they don't spend enough time reading notation, often spending months on the same piece. 
The purpose of these pieces is to encourage pupils to spend more time looking at notation. 
They provide a new piece a week or, at most, every two weeks, for the pupil who is moving towards a graded exam. 
The aim is that pupils will become less intimdated by sight-reading and therefore more proficient at it. So often brains turn to jelly when faced with unfamiliar notation: A Piece a week may just begin to take the fear and panic out of sight-reading!"


Paul Harris




Improve your sight-reading! A Piece a week Piano Grade 3 is available to buy now
ISBN: 0-571-53965-3 | Price: £5.99