‘Matthew Hindson’s A Symphony Of Modern Objects was more like four tone poems (“Silicon Revolution”; “Mind Body Spirit Wallet”; “Twisted Ladders”, “Vietnam War Memorial”) captivating music, sometimes brittle, dramatic, syncopated, ironic.’
North Shore Times (Fred Blanks), 6 August 2003 

‘Matthew Hindson’s Symphony of Modern Objects is firmly rooted in the contemporary world.  The frenetic and episodic first movement and the quirky, skittish, string-laden third movement (Copland’s Appalachian Spring meets Steve Reich) are colourful depictions of the computer and biotech revolutions respectively, while the lyrical second movement is a delightfully ironic take on New Age music … Hindson displays virtuosity in his orchestration, making imaginative use of the orchestral palette.'
The Australian (Murray Black), 28 July 2003