'David Matthews's 12-minute Adonis seemed of almost romantic opulence. A musical recreation of the Greek myth, the performance needed better balanced sound between Adonis's stand-in (Gretel Dowdeswell, piano) and the Venus of Sara Trickey s violin. But nothing dampened the resourceful use of a Welsh folksong, flowering in full at the end, or the flexible pleasures of Matthews's style'
The Times (Geoff Brown), 29 August 2007

'Adonis, for sweetly seductive violin and forceful piano, replicated the success of his recent Proms symphony, with the Welsh folk-song Mae 'Nghariad Ii'n Fenws (My Love's a Venus) emerging as the ultimate distillation and resolution of all that had transpired'
The Guardian (Rian Evans), 28 August 2007

'...a piece of rapturous beauty that held the audience spellbound...'
The Hereford Times (Roger Nichols), 6 September 2007