'Bird Concerto with Pianosong' reviews

'By slowing down the calls of Californian birds in his writing he reveals the otherwise inaudible riches of their songs as if the musicians were an ensemble of surreal, gigantic birds.
For Messiaen, birds were tokens of God's love, but for Harvey, they are the catalyst for a complex negotiation between nature and culture, between birdsong and technology… The piece created a drama - in musical space as well as time - as the sounds of the birds wheeled around the audience, transforming the QEH into a musical aviary.'
The Guardian (Tom Service), 25 April 2003

'Music natural and man-made are wonderfully combined, from the 'duos' for piano and sampler to the gorgeous washes of tropical exotica and undoubtedly Messiaen-like rhythmic chords from the orchestra.'
The Daily Telegraph (Matthew Rye), 26 April 2003

'Filled with exquisite poetry… there was a sense of wonder at the sounds of nature - wonder and humility: in some of the finest moments Harvey let the birds speak, or rather sing, for themselves.'
The Guardian (Stephen Johnson), 13 July 2001

'Ground-breaking - or tree-shaking - in the way it releases the actual songs of birds into a musical context.  Harvey is able to fill the concert hall with the cries of indigo bunting, orchard oriole, golden-crowned sparrow and up to 40 colourful birds… An astonishing range and richness of sound is produced… I found myself happy to luxuriate in it.'
The Sunday Times (Paul Driver), 22 July 2001

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