At the UK premiere (November 5, QEH) of Francisco Coll’s Piedras commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic for performance last April, there was widespread affirmation from players and conductor alike of the quality of the music.

The Guardian commented:
By contrast, Francisco Coll's glittering Piedras was positively stuffed with brilliantly focused musical images. Spanish-born but now based in London, Coll seems on first encounter like the real thing – a young composer with a fund of fiercely original ideas and all the technique needed to realise them, the kind of discovery that makes concerts like this worthwhile.
The Guardian (Andrew Clements), 8 November 2011
Whilst The Times observed:
Only two pieces really stood out…
Francisco Coll’s Piedras was a sophisticated and daring soundscape of extremee and polarised sonorities, coalesicng and sliding between stability and instability….
The Times (Hilary Finch), 7 November 2011