In a set of European performances from 17 October to 6 November, violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja and cellist Sol Gabetta tour a programme including Francisco Coll’s expressive and sinuous, Rizoma. The 14 planned performances will take Rizoma to the audiences of eight different countries with cities including Brussels, Hamburg, Lucerne, London, Munich, Paris, Vienna. Rizoma has been recorded by Kopatchinskaja and Gabetta for future release.

The 6-minute Rizoma was written back in 2017 and is composed of two contrasting movements. Full information on the tour available here.

Kopatchinskaja and Gabetta have a strong artistic relationship with Coll; they gave the first performance of Rizoma in Bern in 2018 and have since premiered and recorded the double concerto with which it shares its musical material, Les Plaisirs Illuminés – Coll wrote for them too. His 2019 Violin Concerto was written for Kopatchinskaja, and a Cello Concerto is in the works for Gabetta.