‘While not abrogating the more turbulent segments of his muse in this piece, Hindson also exposes his soothing side - particularly in the rather gentle second movement, entitled “Westaway”.  The opening, entitled “Wind Turbine at Kooragang Island”, admirably reflects the turbulence implicit in its title, and the finale, “Grand Final Day”, also gives us the sort of the energetic persona I have come to think of as the trademark of this young composer.‘
Opera-Opera (David Gyger) August 2001
‘Matthew Hindson's Violin Concerto starts in busy-minimal mode, but soon digresses with surprising expression and individuality.’
Montreal Gazette, 10 April 2008
‘Hindson’s Violin Concerto is brilliantly orchestrated, and is just the thing to thrill a concert audience; St. John reportedly loves it; there is no denying that the both the concerto and St. John’s performance of it has power, immediacy and substance …’
Allmusic.com (Uncle Dave Lewis), April 2008
‘… this is terrific music of a very evocative nature, and deserves a place in the hard - to - crack modern repertory …’
Audiophile Audition (Steven Ritter), 18 April 2008