'the Niagara Falls-inspired Coursing is as heady to listen to as it is terrifying for the players…'
The Sunday Times (Paul Driver), 23 June 2002

'… a brilliant little firecracker...'
Financial Times (David Murray), 19 June 2002

“… tight-knit, kaleidoscopic patterns in Knussen’s music.”
Tempo (Martin Anderson), April 1999

'...fresh as paint in its firing of a melodic line that just goes on in a kind of angular strain, shuttled from one instrumental colouring to another.'
Paul Griffiths, The Times, 12 February 1991

'...an agile, jubilant and perpetually self-generating unison melody, zig-zagging and ricocheting round the 14-piece emsemble...Gradually loops in the melody are sustained in chords and phrases break away to become independent lines until a corruscating counterpoint of up to seven parts is swirling along.  There is a sudden brief pause and then, like some great waterfall,   the whole turbulent texture boils over the edge into the calming eddies of a slower flow.'
Bayan Northcott, Sunday Telegraph, 22 April 1979