Sony Classical have released the premiere recordings of Danny Elfman's Violin Concerto and Piano Quartet.  The Violin Concerto 'Eleven Eleven' (2017) was performed by Sandy Cameron with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra (who co-commissioned the piece), conducted by John Mauceri. The 21-minute Piano Quartet was recorded by the Berlin Philharmonic Piano Quartet who premiered the work during their US tour in 2018. 
The Concerto and the Quartet will be centre-stage in Paris on 14 and 15 September, as part of a Danny Elfman Weekend at the Philharmonie.  Cameron and Mauceri will be joined by the Brussels Philharmonic, whilst the Berlin quartet give the European premiere of their commission. 
The RSNO included the 40-minute Concerto in their 2019 US tour in March, with their Music Director, Thomas Søndergård, joining Cameron for performances in Tucson (AZ) and the Los Angeles premiere in Northridge (CA).
"… like Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev have run into the groove of Beetlejuice… a remarkably complex sound… Elfman's music takes listeners by the hand and draws them deeper and deeper into a fairytale world… this music has an exceptionally invigorating effect… brimming over with joy and playful energy… complex and smart…"
(Broadway World, 6 March 2019)
The same forces give the UK premiere performances on 29 and 30 November in Edinburgh and Glasgow, whilst Cameron joins the BBC Concert Orchestra and Bramwell Tovey to give the London premiere on 21 April 2020 in the Royal Festival Hall.
Cameron performs the work with the Colorado Symphony and Christopher Dragon in May.  She also gave three performances with JoAnn Falletta and the Virginia Symphony in September 2018, and joins Falletta for two performances with the Buffalo Philharmonic in October this year:
"Dramatic, lyrical, highly rhythmic, percussive, thoughtful and playful. The score is high adrenaline business, taking us on a musical roller coaster ride from the heights to the sudden-drop depth of emotions… Cameron delivered an amazing performance. The physical and emotional energy she put  into the work was downright compelling, exciting and extraordinary. The reception given her was wild and crazy and prolonged, of the sort found at sports events. No question about electricity in the air."
The Virginia Gazette (John Shulson), 26 September 2018