In March 2016, Faber Music published the first three books in a brand new piano method written by leading international pianist, Lang Lang. The series is now complete, with levels 4 and 5 published on 1st September.
Aimed at 5-10 year olds, The Lang Lang Piano Method progresses through 5 books from complete beginner to around Grade 1 level. The books are accompanied by online audio tracks, including exclusive performances by Lang Lang of the concert pieces.
The Lang Lang Piano Method is the next step in the Lang Lang Piano Academy, bringing an imaginative and contemporary approach to learning the piano.  Lang Lang’s experience and expertise are distilled throughout the books, encouraging performance skills and self-expression right from the start. 
Lang Lang says, “I have loved making my new series for complete beginners and presenting a way of learning the piano that 21st century children can relate to.  I hope including the cartoon character helps kids to have fun and engage with the lessons.”  
A cartoon Lang Lang brings the books and his own voice to life, taking young pianists step by step through each section. The books develop the right and left hands equally, enabling children to play concert pieces early on in the learning process and establishing good dexterity. Musicianship is developed through theory pages and by listening to Lang Lang playing piano classics for children. Levels 4 and 5 build on the learnings of the previous levels by introducing new keys and rhythms and extending technique through progressive repertoire, including a mixture of fun original pieces and classic themes. 
Lang Lang adds, “Learning an instrument can be a really important part of a child’s development and a great way to improve many things like concentration and focus.  I’m so happy that the complete method is now available and hope that students continue to be inspired and have fun on their piano adventures!
To find out more about this series and other publications available in The Lang Lang Piano Academy, visit the page
The Lang Lang Piano Method Levels 4-5 are available from Price £4.99 each.