'Mr. Harvey stacks opposing blocks of tempo and meter one of top of another.  Later, small fragments, widely separated, hint at Purcell and perhaps at the madrigals of a generation or two before him... Forms of Emptiness is original music so constructed that it makes thick clouds look like bright sunshine.'
The New York Times (Bernhard Holland), 25 January 1992

'… visionary and beautiful.  Harvey has a wonderful ear for textures and sonorities, and he is a poetic architect.'
The New Yorker (Andrew Porter), 10 February 1991

'Harvey’s eclectic yet typically personal Forms of Emptiness, which sets Buddhist words... was given with a devotion which meant that its transcendental messages enveloped one, as it were, in a richly woven yet somehow weightless shroud of sound'
The Times (Stephen Pettitt), 1 March 1989