'… shows an ability to rework the romantic tradition in ways that are fresh and inventive … attractive, highly diverse music, which sometimes touches on the nightmarish intensity of Pierrot Lunaire, but more often takes a sly, sideways glance at many other 20th - century styles, the very tangle of influences through which Maw has steered his own, dogged course.'
The Guardian (Andrew Clements), 25 July 1997

'…a genuinely atmospheric, highly allusive, tautly organized suite of dance references.  Maw's titles and tempo indications suggest a fashionably vampiric nightmare, but the music sounded warm and lyrical as often as cold and frenzied … the chill chimes of small cymbals and the gentle plunking of a kalimba became the essential components of a transfigured epilogue.'
Los Angeles Times (John Henken), 2 December 1992

'…it is inspired by such an individual aural imagination, motivated by such captivating rhythms, coloured by such sensitive scoring that it sounds consistently and engagingly like nothing else.' 
The Times (Gerald Larner), 19 February 1997