‘A gorgeous work of shifting colours, textures and moods’.
Pierre Ruhe (Atlanta Journal), 21 October 2003

‘luminous, rigorous, humane, satisfying, satisfied, emotionally complete… he seeks out beautiful sounds through unconventional means….he is a seeker of simple beauty who arrives at fragrant chords through diabolically intricate cycles of intervals.’
BBC Music Magazine, November 2002

‘Knussen’s unfailing sense of pacing, and the way in which every chord and every colour is perfectly voiced, gives the work a sense of absolute assurance.’
Andrew Clements (The Guardian), 26 June 1995

‘The Knussen is a masterpiece….a magical transfigured night, moonlight glistening on snow – the Concerto is full of the most marvellous sonorities, some clear, some only half-glimpsed…the horn part is so varied in range, timbre and dynamic that it scarcely seems to be emerging from a single instrument…’
Richard Dyer (Boston Globe), 25 November 1995