‘The world premiere of Matthew Hindson’s Concerto for Amplified Cello and Orchestra: In Memoriam … cast in two movements, “Lament” and “Celebration”, was an imaginative and vividly energetic work and one of the best large - scale scores of Hindson’s that I have heard to date …’
The Sydney Morning Herald –Timeout (Peter McCallum), 9 April 2001

‘… a consistently interesting, intermittently impressive, and occasionally astonishing piece that bespoke a depth and maturity in the work of this young composer that I had not experienced before …
In Memoriam was overflowing with ideas and well equipped with surprises … there was no doubt it spoke meaningfully to the much more versatile ears of the twilight Meet the Music audience, with its eclectic mix of young blades and adventurous oldies … Not only did the Hindson draw far and away the most enthusiastic applause of any work on the night’s agenda, but its response eclipsed by a long road that afforded to any other world premiere I have ever attended … it was an achievement of significant enough size to turn many composers of the younger generation green with envy.’
Opera-Opera (David Gyger) May 2001