‘This was a very evocative piece conjuring the sounds of heavy industry in its dissonance, glissandos and syncopated rhythms.  The middle section had an eerie stillness which was followed by an ending of high - octane energy of relentless intensity.’
The Mercury (Lynette Smith), 22 August 2003 

‘… opened like a roller-coaster with two gears: very fast and crazy fast.  You could just about catch your breath during a twinkling interlude; then it was full speed ahead to the end.’
The New York Times (Steve Smith), 8 July 2008 

‘The recklessly frenetic pace, muscular phrasing and rock and roll feel infused the music with continual excitement.  A guitar - smashing riff for the cello, an impressive fiddle solo and the slow quiet center section seemed to reflect the different phases of factory life.  The quartet maintained the driving momentum, and the work ended with a kind of running-down-the-hill crash.’
MusicalAmerica.com (Gail Wein), 9 July 2008