Ingram Marshall comes to UK for Glasgow festival focus

US composer Ingram Marshall is best-known for his Fog Tropes, heard on the soundtrack of Martin Scorsese’s “Shutter Island”, but that’s just one of many of his haunting soundscapes that often allude to a host of other musics including Sibelius, Indonesian gamelan and electronic collage techniques.

Marshall will be visiting the UK in October 2010, where he is Featured Composer at the forthcoming ‘Minimal’ festival in Glasgow, curated by Svend Brown.  Performances of his work include the Scottish Chamber Orchestra giving the UK premiere of his Orphic Memories, a performance of Fog Tropes by Icebreaker, and an installation of his Alcatraz, complemented by Jim Bengston’s stunning photography.

More on Marshall at his site, and more on the ‘Minimal’ festival here.