Saturday the 18th of May will see a full day dedicated to the life work of Jonathan Harvey put on by The Conservatory, the Casa Della Musica and the Casa Del Suono of Parma as part of the project IL SUONO OCCULTO: multi-dimensional interactions between instrumental and electroacoustic composition, meetings between the contemporary imagination, research and technology.
The day will begin with students of Electronic Music and Composition from the Conservatory of Parma as well as students and professors from other Italian conservatories, presenting papers on the music of Harvey, his influences on the younger generations of composers and the use of new technologies in music composition today.

A discussion of Harvey’s music by five composers will follow and at 4pm there will be an exceptional performance of MORTUOS PLANGO, VIVOS VOCO, which will be diffused in a third order ambisonics system at the Casa Del Suono and at the same time in the “Stanza Bianca” (white room) of the Casa Del Suono which has an incredible third order ambisonics system integrated by 189 speakers.  Also performed will be three pieces by students of the Conservatory.

The concluding evening performance at the Casa Della Musica Concert Hall by the Dynamis Ensemble conducted by Javier Torres Maldonado will include RUN BEFORE LIGHTNING, which they recorded for a CD released by Stradivarius.

The day will be dedicated to the memory of Jonathan Harvey.