Josh Cohen: Radiohead for Solo Piano, published by Faber Music is now available. This beautifully produced collection presents some of Radiohead’s best-loved songs, arranged for intermediate piano solo with lyrics, by pianist and YouTube artist Josh Cohen. The band-approved book also features specially designed “Twisted Wood Series” cover and mono prints throughout from Radiohead artist Stanley Donwood.
The exclusive transcriptions were made popular by Josh Cohen’s YouTube channel and the book includes a playing guide and introduction from the arranger. Josh consistently embarks into unknown territory despite the familiarity of the songs, and it is this combination of comfort and surprise that has resonated with listeners, garnering millions of views and instigating deeply personal commentary from listeners around the globe.
“I genuinely hope pianists find some inspiration and beauty from playing these arrangements.”




Speaking about the conceptual stages for the book, Josh explained:

“Countless times during lessons my students would show me pianists on YouTube playing covers, often with millions of views and recorded fairly poorly. Every now and then when I could find a spare moment on a Sunday afternoon, I thought that I could perhaps record a few small improvisations over tunes that I was digging to showcase my school. I honestly thought nothing of it at the time, but as I continued to post videos, along came views and subscribers in the boatloads. I received some heartfelt messages from people all around the world who were listening in to the channel and there were persistent requests for sheet music of the performances. I continually had to explain to everyone that the sheet music simply didn’t exist on paper, as they were just arrangements of me playing whatever I was feeling in the moment. Eventually I was left with no choice but to start notating a selection of Radiohead arrangements from the YouTube channel.”
Codex; Everything In Its Right Place; Exit Music (For A Film); Daydreaming; Karma Police; No Surprises; Paranoid Android; Pyramid Song; True Love Waits; Sail To The Moon; Videotape
Josh Cohen: Radiohead for Solo Piano is now available to buy from AmazonFaber Music Store, and other music retailers online or instore.
ISBN: 0571541054 | Price: £25.00