Julian Anderson, a firm fixture on the British contemporary classical music scene, has further cemented his standing by winning two British Composer Awards making them his 5th and 6th wins.

Thebans - Stage winner
Thebans (2013-4) burst into life at its English National Opera premiere in May 2014 and scored a huge success for the composer. With a dramatic thrust that pins you to your seat, choral writing of power rarely heard in the opera house, orchestration that speaks of mastery at every stroke, and character portrayals so vivid that you leave the opera house haunted by their ghosts, this is a watershed moment in the history of British opera. Co-produced by Theater Bonn, the original Pierre Audi production was taken to Germany in May 2015 with Peter Hoare reprising his role as Creon.


String Quartet No.2 - Small Chamber winner
String Quartet No.2, described as 'remarkable' and 'alluring', has captivated audiences across the globe. From its premiere by the legendary Arditti Quartet at the Wigmore Hall in May 2014, it has since been performed by the Ardittis in Germany and Italy and taken up by the FLUX Quartet for numerous US performances as well as a stunning performance at Tanglewood this year by the Fromm Players. Written in close succession, it is no surprise that both String Quartet No.2 and Thebans are recipients of British Composer Awards.

BBC Radio 3 will broadcast a programme dedicated to the ceremony on Hear and Now at 10pm on Saturday 12th December.