'a tightly constructed work inspired by Shakespeare's description of Ophelia's madness, it blends wind, string and keyboard timbres superbly and moves easily between sprightliness and dreamy introspection'
The New York Times (Allan Kozinn), 20 April 1991

'It is one of the composer's most popular pieces, a set of ghostly, whirling, twittering sounds that are gently, hysterically despairing.  One can easily imagine an innocent hopeless spirit collapsing into itself.'
Newsday (Peter Goodman), 18 April 1991

'...full of sunshine and light.  But lyrical warmth and luscious coloration are underpinned by a strong sense of structure: the music moves seemingly without effort frmo section to section until it peaks in a strong climax, only to recede in an ovocative coda dominated by solo horn.  Manifestly a winner...'
The Observer (Peter Heyworth), 17 April 1985

'Knussen's Ophelia Dances of 1975, a classic by now.'
Daily Telegraph (Peter Stadlen), 26 March 1985