We're delighted to announce Piano Gallery, a brand new piano repertoire book from composer Pam Wedgwood, available to buy now. Based on great works of art, the intermediate-level pieces are accompanied by explanatory text and a stunning pull-out poster featuring all the paintings. 


Pam Wedgwood is the best-selling author behind series such as Jazzin' About, After Hours, Up-Grade! and the definitive adult piano tutor It's never too late to play piano. 


Approach to Venice (Turner); Bathers at Asnières (Seurat); The Dance Class (Edgar Degas); En route pour la pêche (John Singer Sargent); Fatata te Miti (Paul Gauguin); Large Wave (Hokusai); Las Meninas (Velazquez); Nocturne, Blue and Silver: Chelsea (Whistler); Paris Street in Rainy Weather (Caillebotte); Starry Night (Van Gogh); The Swing (Fragonard); Where’s the Antelope? (Atherton); Woman with a Parasol (Monet); Young Spanish Woman with a Guitar (Renoir)


Piano Gallery is available to buy now. 
ISBN: 0-571-54048-1  |  Price: £8.50