Paul Harris: Improve Your Teaching! Clinic

Paul Harris: Improve Your Teaching! Clinic

Would you like to:

Re-energise your teaching?

Explore ideas and discuss teaching issues with one of the UK's leading educationalists?

Have a more hands-on approach to training to complement your professional development?

Share experiences with other colleagues in a relaxed environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy day?

..... and improve your teaching?

What is it?
Some of you may have attended a workshop, lecture or in-service training with the reknowned music educationalist Paul Harris. The Improve Your Teaching clinic offers you a unique opportunity to meet Paul Harris in a more informal setting, for open discussion on a variety of teaching topics. The session is designed to give you some fresh ideas, some practical solutions and plenty of inspiration for improving your teaching.

Who is it for?
Small groups of instrumental or piano teachers (a maximum of 15 is recommended). This could be a group of same or mixed instrument teachers from a music service, a teaching association or a school, or a group of teacher training students.

How does it work?
The clinic consists of two one-hour sessions with a break.

Session 1
Paul Harris shares his top tips for improving your teaching, drawing on his innovative simultaneous learning strategy. Simultaneous learning is a practical and holistic approach that encourages the development of musical insight by making connections between all aspects of musicianship. Pioneered over many years, this approach helps pupils learn more effectively and more independently; helping them develop a much deeper understanding of what they do and to develop more fully as musicians. This in turn helps you, as teacher, to get the best out of your pupils and make the best use of each lesson.

Break and refreshments

Session 2
An open discussion with Paul Harris on the principles and processes of teaching. A chance to explore ideas, ask questions, share experiences, reflect on best practice or discuss challenges you’re facing in your teaching. Paul is reknowned for his ground-breaking work and has lectured and written on a wide range of topics covering all the current teaching debates including: holistic teaching through the simultaneous learning concept, sound before symbol, learning styles, right vs left brain learning, group teaching, effective practice, motivation, sight-reading, improvisation, integrating aural and theory into practical lessons, teaching beginners and more. Whatever you’d like to cover, from practical details to wider issues, Paul will be happy to discuss.

What are the requirements?
Once you’ve booked the session, you just need to arrange a venue and publicise the event to colleagues. A relaxed setting such as a staff or common room, community hall or even a colleague’s house is recommended, and the facilities to provide refreshments would be desirable. Teachers are welcome to bring their instruments if they wish. Paul is flexible over timings, but you might like to consider a twilight or weekend session.

The timetable
Paul is happy to adapt the content of the sessions to suit, for example of you wish Session 1 to cover a different topic. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Please contact us for further details and to discuss your requirements.