‘Traveling at a frenetic pace in this performance, the first of three movements was a soundscape of rapidly chattering and clipped articulations on a mix of cymbals that included the hi-hat.  This was pitted against a choppy counterpoint of driving rhythms and explosive orchestral outbursts that exuberantly bounced off the walls.  In this zany, pastiche of film music, folk, jazz and blues crammed within a classical frame, the brass players wallowed in their attention - seeking scooping, whining choruses so clearly removed from their traditional role of contained support.

Daring colours included a jazzy slapped bass and grimacing woodwind cries, ending with the soloists improvising a brushed cadenza on the tam-tam.  “Good Vibes”, by contrast, was a tuneful excursion that floated the swimming resonance of the vibraphone on a surface of marbled, tranquil strings.’
The Australian (Gillian Wills), 6 March 2006