‘… a feast of rhythmic entertainment without veering to the anticipated extremes of either atonality or who-dropped- the-cutlery-drawer percussion cacophony.  The work’s hard - driving opening section played with high-and low-register contrasts from the piano, which gradually slowed down and then fell silent amidst intermittent gong sounds.  The keyboards then quietly returned for a melodic interlude – until a gong blast sent them off on a musical roller - coaster ride accompanied by a flashing red spotlight and whistle blows.  Finally one of the percussionists ran around to the front of the stage and cranked up a hand-drive siren, whereupon the lights fell and the performers all ran off the stage, leaving the siren wailing to itself under the red spotlight as its handle spun round with decreasing speed.’
Andante (Sandra Bowdler) 

‘Matthew Hindson's Pulse Magnet was impressive as a feat of memory and ensemble playing … Hindson's new piece is typical, in-your-face heavy-metal music informed by a generous amount of youthful iconoclasm.
It features the most bizarre coda in musical memory, with performers fleeing the stage to the sound of an air - raid siren.’
Adelaide Advertiser (Stephen Whittington), 24 July 2002