‘Matthew Hindson’s Rave - Elation, a homage to the ‘rave’ dance scene, was full of funky beats and catchy riffs pounded out with fairly relentless energy.  One couldn’t call it subtle, but it was a hugely enjoyable celebration of the essentially hedonistic physicality of contemporary youth culture.  It was greeted with a degree of enthusiasm from the audience which is relatively rare, alas, for contemporary music.’
The Adelaide Advertiser (Stephen Whittington), 22 July 1997 

‘Hindson’s Rave - Elation continues his interest in popular styles, exploring techniques of techno styles and the spirit of physical enjoyment characteristic of rave parties.  I find Hindson’s work in this area immensely interesting.  He confronts the eternal problem of harnessing the energy of popular styles - how to handle their essential banality - in a variety of imaginative ways, and here the stop-start rhetoric went some way to doing this …’
The Sydney Morning Herald (Peter McCallum), 18 July 1997