Tansy Davies’ music played a prominent part in the 2021 Andriessen Festival organised by Musis Arnhem, Phion, Orkest De Ereprijs and ArtEZ. The third year of the festival took the form of a collection of online events that were recorded on 6 March and ran for a week on the Orkest De Ereprijs website. This included performances of three Davies works: Destroying Beauty sung by soprano Laura Sandee; solo percussion piece Dark Ground played by Konstantyn Napolov; ensemble piece Feather and Groove performed by De Ereprijs with Manoj Kamps conducting.

The latter two pieces share the principles of open instrumentation with Andriessen: the exact percussion instruments in Dark Ground are selected by the instrumentalist with a general guide to pitch and timbre given by the composer; Feather and Groove is even more relaxed and leaves the ensemble size and instrument selection up to the performers.

The recordings of both works were further broadcast in an NPO Radio 4 programme on 7 March, and is still available to stream online.