The Houston-based Tapestry Players will premiere Howard Goodall's The Summer's Tale at the Rotunda Theatre, St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas on February 22 with additional performances through February 25

The Summer's Tale (originally commissioned as A Winter’s Tale by The Sage Gateshead in 2005) is a thought-provoking musical in two acts with a book by Nick Stimson that freely adapts William Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale. It is scored for an ensemble of trumpet, piano, keyboard, acoustic guitar, violin, viola, cello, and double bass. Watch a short preview of The Summer’s Tale here, featuring the song ‘When You Sing’, and discussion of the work from Goodall, director/choreographer David Gow, and cast.

A happy marriage and a lifelong friendship are suddenly, disastrously ruptured by an unfounded jealousy. A dictator spins out of control, and a dark conspiracy envelops a whole community.

Sixteen years after these events, in a neighbouring land, a younger generation, full of hope, love and independence, gradually unravel the painful secrets behind who they really are. Winter gives way to summer, bitterness to redemption, and a mother's love conquers all.

The Summer's Tale, originally known as A Winter's Tale, won ‘Best Musical’ at the Off-West End Theatre Awards 2012. A playlist of songs from the original version of the piece can be heard here.

Praise for A Winter’s Tale

It’s very typical of the composer – to my mind (and ears) the best contemporary British composer of musicals we have – to take a problem play and turn it into a glorious opportunity. He writes melodies with aching undercurrents and compressed emotions that are perfect for distilling the essence of this troubled, troubling play of marital suspicion and bad conscience that seemingly fatally undermines a happy marriage. There’s also a rich seam of fantasy and wonder as his abandoned daughter grows up to fall in love with the son of the man he suspected of adultery with his wife

The Stage (Mark Shenton) 2 November 2012

Goodall’s score is remarkable; he has a masterful command of harmony and remains lyrically bold. The opening number, Comrades, almost fugue-like in style, is an exceptionally powerful opener, while the lyrical gem Found On A Beach has to be up there with Goodall’s best.

Fourthwall (Edward Theakston) 18 November 2012