On 26 September Tom Coult’s I Find Planets for soprano, bass clarinet, harp and double bass will be premiered by The Hermes Experiment at Kings Place, London. This 6-minute new commission from The Hermes Experiment features a text written by Charles Bergquist’s Twitterbot ‘Newfound Planets’ and adapted by the composer. Despite the abstract nature of the text’s origins, Coult’s adaptation and selection of Newfound Planets’ words, along with his musical ingenuity results in a work which is sweet and understated. Coult’s playful creativity brings Newfound Planets’ imaginary worlds to life with unusual instrument colours; inclusion of pitch pipes, harp prepared with honey spoons, and simultaneous harmonics on double bass.

The first performance of the 6-minute I Find Planets is part of The Hermes Experiment’s concert ‘Song’ which a celebration of their forthcoming disc due to be released in October.

The Hermes Experiment are planning multiple performances of I Find Planets including an appearance at Blackheath Halls, London, on 14 November.

The Hermes Experiment’s debut disc, ‘Here We Are’, was released last year to great acclaim. Its next release ‘Song’ is due to be released in October 2021.