‘Musing on what a “DJ Franz writing techno-inspired electronica” might sound like, Matthew Hindson provides in his latest orchestral work, Rave and the Nightingale (sic) a light - hearted parody of Schubert’s last string quartet.  It brought to mind those masters of spoof, PDQ Bach and Gerard Hoffnung.’
The Australian (Robert Curry), 30 July 2001 

‘… the spirit of Schubert is deliberately invoked by Hindson in The Rave and the Nightingale.  Here a telescoped version of the first movement of the Quartet in G, with its suddenly startlingly contemporary juxtaposition of major and minor, is the impulse for a fantastic exercise in time - travel … It all came as a breath of fresh air after the often pressurised atmosphere of the usual concert-going formulae.’
The Guardian (Rian Evans), 12 September 2003