Originally planned for early February, the Kreutzer Quartet have rescheduled a performance of Anne Boyd’s String Quartet No.2 “Play on the Water” (Klee) at a date still to be fixed this year. The concert will be a part of ‘Pixelating the River’: a TORCH project at University of Oxford which will also feature a world premiere by composer Thomas Metcalf. The work is a combination of simple and direct musical material worked in an individual, vastly creative and contemplative manner, inspired by Paul Klee’s line drawing from which the subtitle is taken.

Boyd was in conversation with Metcalf earlier this month where she discussed her major influences, Peter Sculthorpe, her experiences as flute player, the upcoming premiere of her new opera in September this year, with a focus on the composition of the Second String Quartet itself. The interview is available to view on the University of Oxford website.