Suite from 'There Will Be Blood' (string quartet)


string quartet
String Quartet

Available for performance from Summer 2020

Programme Notes

The movements of the Suite correspond to the soundtrack album: 1. Oil; 2. HW/Hope of New Fields; 3. Detuned Orchestra (a version of the track 'There Will Be Blood'); 4. Prospectors Quartet.

Note that 'Detuned Orchestra' requires the lowest string of each instrument to be detuned by approximately one octave. The string should not be too slack, a note should sound when the string is bowed. That note will be of a wavering, unpredictable pitch - this is deliberate! The string should be slack enough that when a note sounds, increasing the bowing pressure makes the pitch rise dramatically. It may well be less than an octave. There’s a different ‘sweet spot’ on each instrument. 

Each instrument will then need to be retuned before the final movement, unless a second instrument is available.

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