Vermillion for Accordion Orchestra by Marco Galvani.

Commissioned by Ian Watson and the London Accordion Orchestra and first performed on 18 April 2022 by the London Accordion Orchestra at Sacred Heart Church, Wimbledon, London

Programme Notes

I composed this piece for the London Accordion Orchestra after seeing the work of Takayuki Yoshida, whose artworks are these miniature masterpieces that capture a singular colour or texture and have a consistency of form and tone. My piece is a response to some of his more rigid formal works, which include a whole series of paintings titled 'Inside and Outside'. The structures that Yoshida creates are akin to windows into an unknown space, which has been a standard trope of abstract painters for many years, but I feel the circumstances of this year have brought home the ideas of boundaries between inner and outer for all of us.

My piece fluctuates between two types of material: very meditative chordal almost chorale-like figures are present throughout the piece, combined with flowing repetitive patterns, that create complex polyrhythms and textures. In the middle of the piece the two different types of material flow into one another before all parts come together for a homophonic finish.

I am very grateful to Ian Watson and the London Accordion Orchestra for commissioning this piece.

Duration: 5 minutes 45 seconds