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Title Year Description Duration Composer
High Flight1957orchestra4Eric Coates
Impressions of a Princessintermezzo for orchestra4Eric Coates
Sound and Vision1955orchestra3Eric Coates
Dambusters March, The1954orchestra4Eric Coates
Sweet Seventeen1954orchestra5Eric Coates
Music Everywhere1949orchestra3Eric Coates
Enchanted Garden, The (Shortened Version)1946Ballet - Shortened Version16Eric Coates
Enchanted Garden, The1946ballet for orchestra20Eric Coates
Television March1946orchestra4Eric Coates
Three Elizabeths, The1944orchestra20Eric Coates
Salute to the Soldier1944orchestra3Eric Coates
Star of God1942orchestra3Eric Coates
I Sing to You1940orchestra4Eric Coates
Footlights1939orchestra5Eric Coates
Last Love1939orchestra3Eric Coates
Seven Seas1938orchestra4Eric Coates
For Your Delight1937orchestra4Eric Coates
Saxo-Rhapsody1936alto saxophone and orchestra11Eric Coates
London Again Suite1936orchestra15Eric Coates
London Bridge1934orchestra4Eric Coates
Eighth Army March, The1934wind band3Eric Coates
Two Symphonic Rhapsodies1933orchestra9Eric Coates
London Suite1933orchestra18Eric Coates
Knightsbridge March1933orchestra4Eric Coates
Jester at the Wedding, The1932orchestra20Eric Coates
Dance of the Orange Blossoms1932orchestra31Eric Coates
Dancing Nights1932orchestra7Eric Coates
Lazy Night1931orchestra3Eric Coates
From Meadow to Mayfair Suite1931suite for orchestra14Eric Coates
Summer Afternoon1931orchestra4Eric Coates
Cinderellaorchestra13Eric Coates
Unknown Singer, The1929orchestraEric Coates
Four Ways1928orchestra16Eric Coates
Three Bears, The1926orchestra10Eric Coates
Three Bears Valse1926orchestra4Eric Coates
By the Tamarisk1926orchestra3Eric Coates
Two Light Syncopated Pieces1924orchestra6Eric Coates
Merrymakers, The1923orchestra8Eric Coates
Joyous Youth1922orchestra13Eric Coates
Summer Days1919orchestra12Eric Coates
Springtime1919orchestra11Eric Coates
Wood Nymphs1918orchestra3Eric Coates
Idyll1914orchestra4Eric Coates
Ballad for Strings1904string orchestra6Eric Coates
Saxo-Rhapsody (military band version)alto saxophone and military band11Eric Coates
Popular SongsorchestraEric Coates