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Title Year Description
Tin Star2017-20Amazon Prime | Directors: Gilles Bannier, Grant Harvey, Marc Jobst, Alice Troughton, Chris Baugh, Rowan Joffe | Producers: Jonathan Curling, Liz Trubridge, Andy Morgan
Waiting For You2017Popular Films | Director: Charles Garrad | Producer: Simon Bosanquet
The Have-Nots2016Unafilm | Director: Florian Hoffmeister | Producer: Titus Kreyenberg
Antonia Bird: From EastEnders to Hollywood2016BBC | Director: Susan Kemp | Producers: Mary Bell, Adam Dawtrey
Clean Break2015Octagon Films | Director: Gillies MacKinnon, Damien O'Donnell | Producer: Emma Burge | John Chapman | James Flynn
The Village2013BBC | Director: Antonia Bird, Gillies MacKinnon, Dominic Leclerc, Jamie Magnus Stone, Luke Watson | Producers: Emma Burge, Tim Whitby
The Domino Effect2012FilmBudget | Director: Paula Van Der Oest | Producers: Jack Binder, Carlo Dusi
Way of the Morris2011Fifth Column Films | Directors/Producers: Tim Curry, Rob Plester