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Title Year Description
2022: The Year from Space2023Channel 4/Atlantic Productions | Director: Sean Smith | Producers: Nick Catliff, Anthony Geffen, Zoe Glover
Evolution Earth2023Passion Planet | Directors: Charlotte Lathane, Oliver Twinch | Producer: Rachelle Keeling
How the Other Half Live with Brian Cox2022Naked | Director: Tristan Quinn | Producers: Owen Braben, Conor Butler, Emily Dance
David Attenborough's Conquest of the Skies2022Alchemy Immersive | Director: Lewis Ball | Producers: Lou Doye, Jonathan Gleit
Kingdom of Plants with David Attenborough2021Oculus | Director: Iona McEwan | Producer: Lou Doye
Expedition Deep Ocean2021Discovery+/Atlantic Productions | Director: David Lee | Producer: Mags Lightbody
Endurance: The Hunt for Shackleton's Ice Ship2021Atlantic Productions | Director: Oliver Twinch | Producers: Zachary Behr, Sam Clarke, Anthony Geffen
My Brother's Keeper2020The Guardian | Director: Laurence Topham | Producer: Laurence Topham
Micro Monsters with David Attenborough2020Oculus | Director: Elliot Graves | Producers: Vianney Comot, Jonathan Gleit
Belsen: Our Story2020Atlantic Productions | Director: Tom Stubberfield | Producer: Anthony Geffen
Back to the Titanic2020National Geographic/Atlantic Productions | Director: Tom Stubberfield | Producer: Anthony Geffen
History's Greatest Mysteries2020Blumhouse Television | Directors: Oliver Twinch, Simon George, Evan Jackson Leong | Producers: Avery Manders, Jessica Lauren, Kay Rothman
The Last Right2019Cross Day Productions | Director: Aoife Crehan
Thanks for the Memories2019Gate Television Productions/ZDF | Director: Amit Gupta | Producer: Simon Lewis
Mission to the Sun2019Disney+/National Geographic | Director: Daniel M. Smith | Producers: Carolyn Payne, Robert Strange, Jay Taylor
The Tower Next Door2018The Guardian | Director: Alex Healy | Producer: Simon Hattenstone
The Trap2018The Guardian Media Group | Directors: Annie Kelly, Mei-Ling McNamara | Producers: Annie Kelly, Mei-Ling McNamara
Joe All Alone2018Zodiak Kids Studio | Director: Beryl Richards | Producer: Nadine Marsh-Edwards
Beyond the Blade2018Director: Lindsay Poulton | Producers: Christian Bennett, Gary Younge
Galapagos2017BBC/Atlantic Productions | Director: Michael Davis | Producers: Anthony Geffen, Joanna Haley, Tom McDonald
Judi Dench: My Passion for Trees2017BBC | Director: Harvey Lilley | Producer: Harvey Lilley
Void and Method2017BFI | Director: Remy Bazerque | Producer: Tibo Travers
Crow2016Spinning Head Films | Director: Wyndham Price | Producer: Gaynor Messer-Price
One Crazy Thing2016Scanner-Rhodes Productions | Director: Amit Gupta | Producers: Dean Fisher, Ray Panthaki
Wild Flight: Conquest of the Skies 3D2016Atlantic Productions | Director: Michael Davis | Producer: Anthony Geffen
Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough2015-16BBC/Atlantic Productions | Directors: Michael David, Kylie Scott, Anne Sommerfield, Edward McGowan | Producers: Anthony Geffen, Philip Jones
Containment2015Bright Cold Day Films/Patchwork Productions | Director: Neil Mcenery-West | Producers: Christine Hartland, Casey Herbert
Ecocide - Voices from Paradise2014Spring Films, The Bertha Foundation, Speakit Films | Director/Producer: Juliet Brown
Run2014Holy Mountain | Director: Johnny Howorth | Producers: Lara Agnew, Christophe Dirickx, Boz Temple-Morris
Hinterland2014Inheritance Films | Director/Producer: Harry Macqueen
Microsoft: Disaster Avoided2013Userfarm/Microsoft | Director: Ian Aryen | Producer: Sean O’Riordan
Shoot for the Moon2013Shut up Infinity Productions Director: Chris Wickett Producer: Gemma Hurley
Orbit Ever After2013BFI Director: Jamie Stone Producers: Len Rowles, Chee-Lan Chan
Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of the Cell2012Wide-Eyed Entertainment Director: Mike Davis Producers: Mike Davis, David McNab
Curiosity: Battlefield Cell2012Wide-Eyed Entertainment Director: Mike Davis Producers: Mike Davis, David McNab
Fujifilm Complete 16 - The Only Limit Is Your Imagination2012Fuji/Edgewax Films Director: Ben Hecking Producer: Sean O’Riordan
Geneva2012Everything is Okay/Venice Biennale Director: Mahalia Belo Producers: Nikolaj Belzer, Henry Lloyd-Baker
Alppikatu 252012For Real Productions Directors: Inka Achté, Marika Väisänen Producer: Liisa Juntunen
Diesel: Time to be Brave2012Diesel/CP+B Director/Producer: CP+B
Chevrolet: Clap to the Beat2012MO Film Director: Andy Alderslade Producer: Ian Aryeh