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Title Year Description Duration Composer
Postcard for Radio 32020solo cello1Jonny Greenwood
Horror vacui2019solo violin and 68 solo strings ( Greenwood
Three Miniatures from 'Water'2018violin, piano, 2 tampuras and cello/bass drone10Jonny Greenwood
88 (No.1)2015solo piano7Jonny Greenwood
Water20142 flutes, 1 or 2 tanpuras, amplified upright piano, chamber organ/sampler keyboard, & string orchestra (10 vlns, 3 vlas, 3 vlcs, 1 db)18Jonny Greenwood
Setting Up Arrows2014string ensemble of 7 players4Jonny Greenwood
Suite from 'There Will Be Blood' (string orchestra)2005/2007/arr.2012string orchestra (, with ondes martenot (or theremin, or oboe)16Jonny Greenwood
Suite from 'Noruwei no Mori' ('Norwegian Wood')2011orchestra10Jonny Greenwood
48 Responses to Polymorphia201148 solo strings (24 vln.8 vla.8 vlc.8 db), all doubling optional pacay bean shakers19 (or 15)Jonny Greenwood
Doghouse2010string trio and orchestra23Jonny Greenwood
There Will Be Blood (live film version)2005/2007orchestra159Jonny Greenwood
Suite from 'There Will Be Blood' (string quartet)2007/arr.2018string quartet14Jonny Greenwood
Proven Lands2005/2007string orchestra (min 10 8 6 6 4)2Jonny Greenwood
Popcorn Superhet Receiver2005string orchestra (18 vln.6 vla.6 vlc.4 db)18Jonny Greenwood
smear20042 ondes martenots and chamber ensemble of 9 players10Jonny Greenwood