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Title Year Description Duration Composer
Rise Up2019/arr. 2023massed youth choirsAyanna Witter-Johnson
Let the Vibes Begin2022violin, cello and snare drum1Ayanna Witter-Johnson
Tidal Warning2022percussion quartet and piano5Ayanna Witter-Johnson
Ocean Floor Suite2022percussion quartet, voice/cello and piano16Ayanna Witter-Johnson
Equinox2022solo voice, solo cello and string orchestra10Ayanna Witter-Johnson
Island Suite2022solo voice, solo cello & string quartet19Ayanna Witter-Johnson
FAIYA!2022multi-ability orchestra9Ayanna Witter-Johnson
Earth - The Planets2018/arr.2022voice and string quartetAyanna Witter-Johnson
Branle Riddim2022string quartet and percussion8Ayanna Witter-Johnson
O.M. Rising2021solo trumpet and electronics10Ayanna Witter-Johnson
Lumina2021solo soprano saxophone4Ayanna Witter-Johnson
The Hope2021mixed voice choir, piano, 2 cellos and optional melody instruments7Ayanna Witter-Johnson
Lumina Rhythm2021solo soprano saxophone10Ayanna Witter-Johnson
Brown Sounds2021solo voice and pianoAyanna Witter-Johnson
Blush2021chamber orchestra10Ayanna Witter-Johnson
Creation2021chamber orchestraAyanna Witter-Johnson
DreamCity2021string orchestraAyanna Witter-Johnson
Forever2021solo voice, cello, piano and percussion ensemble10Ayanna Witter-Johnson
Draw the Line2020/arr. 2022soprano and chamber ensemble of 3 players7Ayanna Witter-Johnson
Fairtrade?2020orchestraAyanna Witter-Johnson
Fanfare for the Brave2020brass ensemble of 11 players and percussion4Ayanna Witter-Johnson
Draw the Line2020soprano and double bass7Ayanna Witter-Johnson
Rise Up2019voice and pianoAyanna Witter-Johnson
Earth - The Planets2018string quartetAyanna Witter-Johnson
Mento Mood2018string quartet9Ayanna Witter-Johnson
Where Clouds Meet the Sea2015brass ensemble of 9 players8Ayanna Witter-Johnson
Meditation20154 harpsAyanna Witter-Johnson