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Programme Notes

to drift with or as if with the tide
to rise and fall like the tide
Tiding II (silentium) is the second in a new collection of pieces dealing with elemental patterns. Hushed in tone, at
tension are the sensations between the vast and the intimate. To my mind, sheets of electronic sound and sustained
tones resemble the revolving light from a lighthouse raking the ocean’s surface.
As suggested by the title, the sound floods and ebbs. Interwoven layers surface and recede in a delicate balance.
Transience – in both the production and perception of sound – has always moved me. Growing up, I spent countless
evenings and early mornings lying on the beach listening to the ocean. And nearly as many hypnotic hours listening
to the world sounding through water, my head half-submerged, patterns of distant chattering mingling with the
periodic rubbing of the sea. This environmental mormorando, effortlessly yet unpredictably floating in and out of
perception, is never too far from any work I do with sound.
While working I kept an image by Christiane Baumgartner—Deep Water (2013)—on my desk. I like her work very
much, and in particular how this image evokes the perception of a liquid form through very precise means. This
tension really interests me. I think—or hope—this might relate to the tunings and especially
Lisa Illean

Tiding II (silentium)

2 perfs: 14:00 and 17:00

Donauhallen, Strawinsky Saal (Donaueschingen, Germany)

Trio Accanto, SWR Experimentalstudio