1(=picc).1(=ca).1(=E♭cl).1 - 1110 - timp - perc(1): mar/crot/t.bells - 2 vln.2 vla.2 vlc.2 db


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Programme Notes

According to Albert Braunmuller, the ‘antic round’ that the witch mentions in Shakespeare’s Macbeth refers to ‘a macabre version of a Jacobean courtly entertainment’. Although the three movements of my ‘Antic Rounds’ may share some of this spirit in places, the title came about because much of the music was constructed from canons or ‘rounds’. These rounds are sometimes complex, sometimes simple; sometimes audible, sometimes heavily concealed; sometimes a momentary alignment, sometimes forming the backbone of whole sections of music. The piece was commissioned by the Bangor New Music Festival.

Antic Rounds

Bangor University (Bangor, Wales, United Kingdom)

Orchestra of the Swan/David Curtis