2(II=picc+afl).2(II=ca).2(II=bcl).2(II=cbsn) - 4.2(I+II=flhn).2.btrbn.1 - timp - harp - pno(=cel+Fender Rhodes)* - perc(3): vib/2 glsp/tam-t/2 bowed cym/claves/mar/crot/BD/cym (soft sticks)/xyl/African shakers/SD (rim-shot)/ride cynm (soft sticks)/bongo (on stand, near SD)/whip - strings. *Fender Rhodes is optional, but preferable. All players clap written rhythms in the first movement. Where possible, the harp, piano/keyboards and the three percussion players should be placed together in a position close to the conductor.


Score and parts for hire


Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre (London, United Kingdom)

Jess Gillam, National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, Carlos Miguel Prieto

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