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Programme Notes

This text is aspirational, replete with images of light. This is reflected in the clashing major seconds which are a frequent feature of the harmony, and the use of multiple grace notes which create sprays of sound around the central pitches. Both of these features are influenced by folk singing, specifically the heterophonic Psalms singing traditions on the Gaelic islands of Lewis and Harris of the West Coast of Scotland.

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The Music of Julian Anderson

BBC Radio 3 (United Kingdom)

Guildhall New Music Ensemble, Richard Baker, BBC Singers, Nicholas Kok

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Gonville and Caius College (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

Choir of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, Geoffrey Webber

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No Venue (Dartington, Devon, United Kingdom)

Dartington Summer School Chamber Choir, Bob Chilcott

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St Pancras Church (London, United Kingdom)

Charles Peebles, UCL Union Music Society

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St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch (London, United Kingdom)

Exmoor Singers