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Programme Notes

Chrissietina’s Magic Fantasy Chrissietina's Magic Fantasy was initially conceived as a piece for solo violin, using a somewhat 'rockabilly' style of music. However, it then developed into virtuosic work for two violins, using elements of both techno and death-metal styles of popular music. The piece was premiered in November 1994 by Glenn Murray and Christine Myers, both of whom perform on this recording. This piece was selected as the Australian Young Composers entry to the 1995 Bangkok Music Festival and Asian-Composers League Conference. It has since become an extremely popular piece with violinists, being performed many times by a large range of performers in Australia and around the world. In a recent review of a performance of the version for two violins, by the Morpheus Ensemble in Perth, the reviewer from The West Australian commented: "This is a work that deserves to become a standard piece in the pitifully small repertoire for two violins". Chrissietina's Magic Fantasy is one of the most popular works written by Matthew Hindson. It was featured in the Sydney Dance Company's production of Ellipse. notes by Matthew Hindson.


‘…The most compelling work of the evening was an eight-minute piece for violin and viola, Chrissietina's Magic Fantasy, in which the energies of techno and death-metal styles really did spark exciting confrontation between the two instruments.’ The Times (Hilary Finch), 1 September 2003

Chrissietina's Magic Fantasy

Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)