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Programme Notes

This short Clarinet Trio uses only delicate sounds on the piano, in an attempt to balance the combination of instruments. It is a 'dancing' piece, with strictly serialised tempo changes which correspond to the pitch lines that are used. These are inflected, however, by entirely pentatonic note-groups, non-serial and out-of-time. We hear an interplay of two worlds. It was commissioned by the Verdehr Trio and the University of Michigan. Jonathan Harvey

Clarinet Trio

No Venue (Netherlands)

Fie Schouten, Taavi Kerikmäe, Tarmo Johannes

Clarinet Trio

Virtual Online Performance

Mazzolini Trio

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Clarinet Trio

Pirelli HangarBicocca (Milan, Lombardy, Italy)

Marco Danesi, Daniele Richiedei, Paolo Gorini

Clarinet Trio

New England Conservatory (Boston, MA, USA)

Six hours of new music, performed by the faculty and fellows of SICPP

Clarinet Trio

No Venue (Bucharest, Romania)

Linea Ensemble