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Programme Notes

Comin’ Right Atcha for amplified ensemble of 8 players The initial source of inspiration for Comin' Right Atcha came from a conversation with the conductor of the Absolute Ensemble, Kristjan Jaarvi. He encouraged me to write a work that was inspired by the funk music of James Brown, and to an extent this has been reflected in some sections of the piece, particularly some of the smaller motives and overlapping layers of rhythmic material. The majority of the material in this piece has been generated from two small motives. The spoken rhythm of the title, "Comin' Right Atcha" (and its variant, "I'm Comin' Right Atcha"), creates one of these, and this is heard earliest in the violin part after the opening hi-hat solo. The other motive is a short, three-pitch descending fragment. The rhythm of this fragment has also been derived from the speech-rhythm of another piece of text. In this piece I have tried to give all members of the ensemble some sort of solo. This reflects the outstanding calibre of the performers for which I was writing - indeed, a characteristic of all the opportunities I have been fortunate enough to receive as Featured Composer in this year's Musica Viva season. notes by Matthew Hindson


‘He’s combined a dizzying stream of inventive textures with an overall structure which presses all the right buttons. It’s consistently creative, with new ideas ‘round every corner…Comin’ Right Atcha is a high energy rollercoaster ride.’ Morning Herald (Harriet Cunningham), 7 October 2002

Comin' Right Atcha

Sydney Opera House (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Sydney Symphony Fellowship Ensemble

Comin' Right Atcha

Royal Concert Hall (Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom)

St Andrews New Music Ensemble/Bede Williams

Comin' Right Atcha

Le Poisson Rouge (New York City, NY, USA)

Helix! and Friends/Kynan Johns

Comin' Right Atcha

No Venue (St Andrews, Scotland, United Kingdom)

St Andrews New Music Ensemble/Bede Williams

Comin' Right Atcha


A&I Hall (Bangalow, NSW, Australia)

Southern Cross Soloists