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Programme Notes

THE COUNT 4 September 1916. Lone Star-Mutual Producer/Director/Screenplay: Charles Chaplin; Photography: William C Foster, Roland Totheroh; With Charles Chaplin (The Apprentice), Edna Purviance (Edna Moneybags), Eric Campbell (Buttonsky), Leo White (Count Broko), Charlotte Mineau (Mrs Moneybags), James T Kelly (The Butler), Albert Austin (A Guest), May White (Ima Pipp), Eva Thatcher (Flirdela Doughbells), Leota Bryan (Girl), Frank J Coleman (Cop), John Rand (Guest), Stanley Sanford (Guest), Loyal Underwood (Small Man). Charlie, a tailor’s apprentice clumsy with the lady customers gets the sack. Visiting his girl, a cook at a rich household, he unmasks his late employer who is taking advantage of a stolen ticket to pose as a foreign count. Charlie promptly poses as the Count, making his ex-boss play his secretary, and becomes the star of the party.

Count, The

Philharmonie Luxembourg (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg, Carl Davis CBE

Count, The

Eclipse Center (Beloit, WI, USA)

Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra, Robert Tomaro

Count, The

Nikolaisaal (Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany)

Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg, Helmut Imig

Count, The

(Complete Mutuals Cycle); Film format: DVD

Cadogan Hall (London, United Kingdom)

Carl Davis CBE, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Count, The

Lichfield Cathedral (Lichfield, Staffordshire, United Kingdom)

Carl Davis CBE, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra